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Valentine's Wasp Solitaire

Valentine's Day just got more fun with Valentine Solitaire Wasp Solitaire! Don't get stung this Solitaire Valentine's Day season!

Build stacks of cards in descending order of the same suit to eliminate them from the tableau. Eliminate all the cards to win Valentine Wasp Solitaire. Cards will never go inactive, so you are able to move any stacks, or part of the stacks, around at all times during the game. You also may place any card you want into an open slot, when they open up.

Just like Spider Solitaire, hit the stock stack to add more cards to your playing field throughout the game.

Valentine's Wasp Solitaire Strategy

  • Move cards of the same suit from the tableau to the right side.
  • The cards must be stacked in descending order.
  • To win, transfer all cards from the tableau.


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